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Insurance department website is an independence leading hub that provides information by state department of insurance including phone numbers, insurance license search, address and more

The department of insurance and insurance commissioner is a high-level state position in all the states.

The responsibilities and duties of the department of insurance could be slightly from state to state, but the common and most important role is to be the consumer protection advocate and insurance regulator.

The department of insurance provides insurance related services and information including:

* Get a safety consultation from a professional.
* File a complaint or update on a complaint filed.
* Find workplace safety resources.
* Find a workers’ compensation form.
* Report or track a safety violation.
* Verify an employer coverage.
* Learn about return to work.
* Get access to data and statistics.
* Apply for Insurance License.
* Licenses Lookup.
* Renew Insurance License.
* Get access to public records.
* And more.

State Department of Insurance

Here is the directory list to the state Department of Insurance contact information for all states, by state:

Insurance Departments Facts

Watch to learn the 15 things you didn’t know about the insurance industry including:

* How big is the insurance industry?
* How did the insurance industry start?
* How important is having insurance?
* Which is the biggest insurance company?
* How are people trying to scam insurance companies?
* How easy is to get insurance?
* Is insurance worth it?
* When should you get insurance?

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Department of Insurance

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