Arkansas Insurance Department

Arkansas Insurance Department address is 1 Commerce Way, Little Rock, AR 72202, the main phone number is 501-371-2600 but you can also use the following phone numbers:

Main Phone Number: 501-371-2600
Toll Free Number: 800-282-9134

Insurance Commissioner: (501) 371-2621
Chief Deputy Commissioner, Compliance, Licensing Division: (501) 371-2750
Licensing Director: (501) 371-2760

Arkansas Insurance Department Administration: 501-371-2620
Consumer Services Phone Number: 800-852-5494

Arkansas Insurance Department Fax Number: 501-371-2618

What is Arkansas Insurance Department Phone Number?

Arkansas Insurance Department phone number where you can talk to a live person with regards to any insurance related matters is 501-371-2600

Arkansas Insurance Department Website

Arkansas Insurance License Lookup

Arkansas Insurance License Lookup is available online to search for insurance agent license at the following webpage:

Arkansas Insurance Department Mailing Address

Below is Arkansas Insurance Department address for either sending official mail or visit Arkansas Insurance Department offices:

Arkansas Insurance Department
Street: 1 Commerce Way
City: Little Rock
State: AR
ZIP Code: 72202

What services and information are provided by Arkansas Insurance Department?

Arkansas Insurance Department is Arkansas state insurance authority that provides insurance related information & services including:

* Verify employer coverage
* Request a safety consultation
* File a complaint
* Report a safety violation
* Learn about return to work
* Find workplace safety resources
* Find a workers’ compensation form
* Get Data and statistics
* Request public records
* Apply for Insurance License
* Renew Insurance License
* Insurance License Lookup
* and more

What is Arkansas Insurance Department email address?

Best email address for Arkansas Insurance Department to communicate with a real person for insurance related matters is [email protected].

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